It’s great to see you’re interested. We’re convinced that if we give this some time, it will grow and develop into a success story.

Basically, HypnoMarket is a digital marketplace. You buy and sell your scripts, eBooks, guides, videos, audios and lots more. You can set up your own free shop in the market and start uploading your digital products.  Currently we are geared towards uploaders.  Once we feel that there are enough products online, we will switch the look and feel of the website for the end consumer, so that sales will soar.

What sort of products, you may ask, are we looking for? Well, there’s lots of options. The first target group is self-help. People struggling to deal with issues and looking for audios to listen to, or eBooks on the topic. Maybe you have the perfect outline to help them overcome. Then there’s of course other therapists looking to increase their skills. Instructional videos, scripts, how to guides, tipps – many many opportunities for the creative.

More details: your registration is free and will remain free. HypnoMarket operates by taking a commission of 30% on successful sales. At a later stage, there will also be lower levels, depending on revenue and other criteria. HypnoMarket also covers all the expenses of the payment process. You will find detailed information about your sales in your vendor dashboard.

Sign up now, start uploading and become a seller on HypnoMarket!  You can also sign up with our affiliate program and earn extra income, by advertising our products.

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