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This product consists of the following: One audio is the explanation of the product. Next are the three separate audio files one of which is used daily a week prior to flying, the second is used on the flight and the third audio file is used after arrival. This product comes together with a written explanation on pdf.

Jetlag is caused by our biological clock running out of sync with our environment. Our biological clock centers its attention among other things on the amount of sunlight experienced to decide how much melatonin should be produced. Melatonin is a hormone the body needs to be able to fall asleep. Our biological clock concentrates mainly on sunlight to determine when to start the production of melatonin.
When we have to fly far and pass multiple time zones, our biological clock struggles to keep up with the changing time zones, resulting in jetlag.
Melatonin production starts every 24 hours. When you travel west, melatonin production has to start a few hours later. When you travel east, melatonin production has to commence earlier. Adjusting to an earlier time takes longer, which explains why travelling east is often experienced as more difficult.
The symptoms of jetlag are interrupted sleep, increased tiredness, loss of concentration, irritability, difficulty falling asleep, trouble waking up, and a digestive system that has to adjust itself. The effects of a disturbed biological clock are increased by the stress and fatigue of travelling, dehydration of the air in the cabin of the plane, lack of movement, irregular meals and the consumption of beverages containing alcohol and caffeine.
Hypnotic suggestions can help your subconscious to adjust faster to the new time zone and other circumstances in the country of destination.